charlie capawcino cat cafe

Rahat and the Capawcino Cat Cafe

📍Dhaka, Bangladesh
October 2021

📷 Canon EOS R
Canon RF 24-105 f/4

Shooting experimentally with an off-camera flash, I managed to take a few shots of my friend Rahat who happens to own the country’s first cat cafe, Capawcino Cat Cafe.

He rescues cats and nurtures them while allowing cat lovers to play with them at his restaurant’s designated cat zone. As of this writing, the cat zone houses 13 rescued cats.

I went into the cat zone on an off day to do my experimental shoot. I wanted to do a single-light portrait that will light up only the face of the subject and nothing else in the foreground and background.

While the results aren’t quite stunning, I’m pretty happy with the results. The cats weren’t in a good mood though, for some reason. But we didn’t force them either. Perhaps I’ll go there again and try to take portraits of all of the cats.

And the star of the show — and the cafe — is this super chill cat named Charlie. While the reasoning for this name is obvious on his face, he is the most chill I’ve ever seen.

Once he gets to know you, he will let you play with him in any way you want.

Of course, he too wasn’t in a good mode — after all, I was bothering them on an off day! — so he just sat there trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

Capawcino Cat Cafe is located in Dhaka and you can find out more here.