Kaptai Lake, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Impromptu travels are the best. If it weren’t for the few of us who can set sail without preparing weeks in advance, I’d probably never visit anywhere.

Thanks to such three other souls, we managed to take a sudden trip to Kaptai Lake, the largest lake in Bangladesh, located in the country’s southeastern part. We planned a day trip there with an overnight stay in the bustling port city of Chittagong.

We started our journey amidst a heavy downpour from Dhaka on a friend’s Toyota Allion. I was excited since this was a trip by car. I love driving, although, on this particular trip, my friend did all of it.

We didn’t get to see anything in Chittagong as we arrived late and departed towards Bandarban early in the morning. We arrived in Rangamati near midday and went straight for a boat ride in the lake.

The video above runs in 720p. Click here for better quality.

I had the Canon R5 with EF 24-105 ƒ4. I took some shots during the entire trip, but I decided not to do anything with those pictures. Instead, I shot these short, handheld “clips” throughout the journey to create a storyline of the journey from Dhaka to Kaptai Lake.

The videos didn’t come out that great (handheld shots can only be so good), and I used copyrighted audio because I really liked this particular song with the kind of trip for the weekend that we had. 😉

Several hours on Final Cut Pro later, here’s the final video.

It might not tell a story the way veteran travel videographers can, but really, I put together this video more for my own enjoyment than anything else. And I’m putting here for the few friends who might also enjoy viewing the trip.

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