Portrait – Rini (Candid)

The thing is, I don’t always take a black and white photo, but when I do, I make sure that I emphasize on the fact that it’s a black and white photo!


ais pictures by ais sajib
Canon 700D

The other thing is, I love taking candid shots. But it’s so hard to get a candid shot that’s not only in focus but also shows the raw beauty of a person! I mean, this particular photo is slightly out of focus, too. And I almost cried because of that. It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve taken in a long time.

I still went ahead with the editing and decided to publish it, both on my Flickr and on my Facebook page, because no amount of sharpness can replicate the candid smile that I ended up capturing here.


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    • Thank you! And you’re right. All those photography articles, reviews, and YouTube videos have spoiled me pretty badly. I’m thinking of not giving much thought to the absolute sharpness and noiselessness of the photos I will take this year. Let’s see if that helps me improve on my compositions and other aspects of photography. 🙂

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