Valentine’s Day 2015, Bangladesh

I shot this photo last year on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t planning on going out to take pictures. But somehow, I ended up pairing up with a colleague to go out and shoot some pictures.

It was one of those hangouts that turn out to be interesting when you least expect it. For obvious reasons, everyone was happy and celebratory. Some people even posed for us when we were taking pictures although they didn’t know me.

It would be one of the memorable days in my life because that was the first time I’ve asked a stranger for permission to take a photo. I don’t generally take photos of strangers unless I’m at an event where strangers are aware that their photos will be taken. I’ve never done that in out in the streets. That day the first time when I did.


Nikon D3100, 55-200mm f/4-5.6


I’m looking forward to doing something similar this Valentine’s Day.

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