Portrait – Steve Blythe

He’s also known as Clicky Steve, and I have another, a much longer picture of him down below.


steve blythe
Canon 700D, 85mm f/1.8


Apart from being an awesome colleague of mine, he’s an amazing photographer. He shoots beautiful photographs, and not just portraits, but of the surroundings. After coming back from the Grand Meetup, a yearly meetup of all employees, I looked at the photos he shared of the event and I was pretty much taken aback to the days of the Grand Meetup.


steve blythe
Canon 700D, 85mm f/1.8


He’s one of those people who have an eye for everything. You could be in the same room with him with an expensive camera* but he will get the better shot. I wish I had developed such a pair of eyes!

*By the way, he would probably have the most expensive camera, too. He shoots a Leica. 😀

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