Portrait – Steve Blythe

He’s also known as Clicky Steve, and I have another, a much longer picture of him down below.


steve blythe
Canon 700D, 85mm f/1.8


Despite being an awesome colleague of mine, he’s an amazing photographer. He shoots beautiful photographs, and not just portraits, but of the surroundings. After coming back from the Grand Meetup, a yearly meetup of all employees, I looked at the photos he shared of the event and I was pretty much taken aback to the days of the Grand Meetup.


steve blythe
Canon 700D, 85mm f/1.8


He’s one of those people who have an eye for everything. You could be in the same room with him with an expensive camera* but he will get the better shot. I wish I had developed such a pair of eyes!

*By the way, he would probably have the most expensive camera, too. He shoots a Leica. 😀

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