Portrait – Sharmin

It was one of those afternoons when I’ve convinced a friend to pose for my picture, but I’m at a loss of location. Every time I go out to take portraits, I feel like I can’t find a good place to take a photograph. I guess I simply don’t have the artistic eye to look for it?

In any case, among the many pictures that I’ve taken that day, this is one of the my favorites. I think the background sort of looks like an art — though anyone living in Bangladesh will instantly know that it’s not! 😛

Also, this picture was taken at the golden hour. Everyone who is even remotely interested in photography will know what the golden hour is. This picture is yet another proof that if you’ve got the whole day to shoot, shoot at the golden hour.


Nikon D3100, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8


Also posted on my Flickr photo stream.

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